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Best Samsung Laptop in 2022


Best Samsung Laptop in 2022

the smartphone industry, Samsung is taking confident steps in the realm of laptops. In today, I will list what I think are the best Samsung laptops in 2022. To see the most up-to-date prices and find out more information about these laptops u can check out the posts. Let's Get Started! 

Which one should be the first one?  Well, I already chose it! The SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro listed as the Best overall This laptop is a new launch from Samsung and it very quickly became a favorite laptop for lots of people! Let me tell you why! The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is a very chic laptop! It comes in two colors which are mystic blue and mystic silver, and they are the most beautiful colors I've ever seen! It is an ultra-thin laptop with a lightweight of 1kg that many people carry on any place they may go! 

Since it has a very sleek design it may also have a great display, right?  Yes, it does! The screen of this laptop is 15 inches one and it shows the AMOLED display, which brings to you a more vivid display quality! It works in 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution and a refresh rate of 60Hz. The CPU that this laptop is powered by is the  

Intel Core i7-1165G7 Processor that has a maximum turbo frequency of 4.70GHz, combined with Intel Iris Xe graphics GPU! The RAM of this laptop has 16GB while the SSD has a capacity of 512GB. Just by one only look you can clearly see that this laptop has all the ports that you may need!  USB C? Yes! HDMI? Yes again! Do you need wireless? There goes WiFi and Bluetooth then!

Can 20 hours be a good amount of time for laptop use? Of course, it is! This laptop delivers full twenty hours of battery life on just a single charge! 

Pros: - AMOLED 

- Powerful Performance - Great Connectivity 

- Battery Life Cons: 

- No Touchscreen - Needs a Higher Resolution for AMOLED 

The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex keeps waiting in line around here and let me tell you that this one has the Best Display Why is this one's name Flex? You can already imagine but I will tell you right now along with this laptop's great features! It is named Flex because of its ability to be rotated in 360 degrees and to be turned into an amazing tablet! The color that it comes in is called Royal Blue, giving it a look that makes you think that it is some kind of royalty! Besides its color, it also comes made of aluminum which is a very durable material. I said at the beginning that it has the best display, but why? Well, because it has a QLED Display that delivers higher brightness on the touchscreen which is 15 inches big and it has a special thing that I will tell you after. The refresh rate of it works at 60Hz. The Book Flex is powered by the Intel Core i7 1065G7 processor with a 3.90GHz turbo frequency, of course, combined with the Intel Iris Plus Graphics. The RAM and the SSD don't really differ  from the one that I already mentioned. Since this  one too has a RAM of 16GB while the SSD is 512GB. Here goes the special thing on the screen! It can be used with the Bluetooth Pen that you can use for anything that you want! And it also has a fingerprint reader! Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections can't be missed as wireless connectivity’s, and let me tell you that this one has lots of USB ports of type A and C. Another 20 hours of battery life that a Samsung laptop delivers! Used on anything, with everything, a tablet, a laptop, or whatever just don't bring the charger with you! Go freely! 

Pros: - Great Display 

- Touch Screen - Bluetooth Pen 

- Battery Life Cons: 

- Fingerprint Reader placed oddly What if I say that this one is an  Alpha? Here goes Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha and this one is the Best Portable Another Flex! Well, you already know what that stands for! This one is also called Alpha and since that means the first or a leader this laptop should have lots of great features! 

Starting with its design I would like to mention that it has a very simplified design compared  to the others! Yet, it is a flexible 2 in 1 laptop that comes in black color. Made of durable materials tells us that it is a long-lasting laptop! Based on its dimensions and its weight, it is considered  the greatest portable laptop in this Post. The screen that this laptop owns is a 13 inches touchscreen and it comes in Full HD QLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and its refresh rate is 60Hz. Besides the display, I would like to tell you that this laptop also has a built-in webcam and a microphone. The keyboard is very comfortable even if you use it for long sessions of writing.Powered by the Intel Core i7 1165G7 with a maximum speed of 4.70GHz, and combined with the integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics this laptop is also very powerful. The RAM  has 16GB storage while the SSD can include 512GB. The ports that this laptop has been uncountable! It has many ports such as HDMI, USB both types A and C and it also has a microSD card reader! As wireless ones of course are included the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.The battery life of this laptop can hold up to a whole day of usage  but it is important to mention that you can put the laptop on sleep mode it can last even more! 

Pros: - Ultra-Portable 

- Very Flexible - QLED Display 

- Many Ports Cons: 

- No Backlighting Keyboard - Expensive 

Let's Go! Let's go with the Samsung Galaxy Book Go which is the Best Budget one amongst the others I know that some price tags can sound a little bit extreme but that's why I am here for! To help you choose, and this one has a very reasonable price! The slimmest yet the most durable! Can we call it that? Indeed, it has a very slim design but it still is a very durable one. The design is also a sleek one which means that this laptop from Samsung is shiny and smooth at the same time.With a 14 inches screen that delivers 1920 x 1080 pixels, you will have a great display on FHD LED and its refresh rate is also 60Hz. The keyboard on the other hand comes with the keys in a black color and it is a comfortable one while typing. Differing from the other ones this laptop is  powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 processor with eight cores which also comes with an integrated graphics card! The RAM holds up 4GB of storage and the SSD can hold up 128GB. What can be considered a special feature of this laptop besides its resistance! Imagine you even though it is a very slim laptop still, it is a shockproof one! Plus, it has a built-in camera with a beauty filter, and also on its microphone you can use the background noise removal! Wireless connections such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi don’t miss anywhere and this one has them too, and it also includes ports for USB C and A types, HDMI, and many others. The others that I mentioned have great battery life, right? Well, it seems like Samsung knows its game since this one can last up to 18 hours of battery life which is impressive! 

Pros: - Shockproof 

- Background Noise Removal - Many Ports Included 

Cons: - No Touchscreen for Some - May be a little bit slow   

Do you need a Chromebook from Samsung?  Here it is! The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 listed as the Best Chromebook Here goes an incredible Chromebook from Samsung that even though it is a new launch had won some awards! It is very famous and it is used by many people and it has great features! Let me tell you about them! Let me call it the prettiest compared to the other products in this video!  It comes in a very beautiful color which is the fiesta red and besides that, it is a very durable one since it is made of great strong materials! The whole display resolution of this Chromebook works at 1920 x 1080 pixels coming from the touchscreen which is only 13 inches big! The display is a QLED one which means that it delivers to you amazing color accuracy of anything that you may want to see in this Chromebook! Even though it is a Chromebook, the refresh rate still  

remains the same as the laptops on 60Hz. This pretty Chromebook is powered by the Intel Celeron 5205U which has dual cores combined with Intel UHD Graphics! The RAM has a capacity of storage at 4GB while its eMMC storage has a capacity of 64GB. As its special feature, I would like to mention its keyboard! It is a very comfortable one that has large keys and also includes backlighting so that you can use this Chromebook even in the darkest places! The ports that are found on this Chromebook are only the USB C ports and in my opinion that is a lack but still, it has wireless connectivity’s such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The battery life of this Chromebook doesn't  differ from the Samsung laptops that I mentioned in this post since this one too delivers an all-day battery life which means that it can last more than 12 hours! 

Pros: - Great Design 

- Great Keyboard – Touchscreen

Cons: - No USB type A and HDMI ports 

Thanks for watching! I hope you found this post to be helpful. If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this post, you can leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


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