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5 reasons why you should buy the LG Velvet (5G) 2021 even going into 2022


what is up guys today we're going to be talking about five reasons why you should buy the lg velvet in 2021 even going into 2022 so this is a great phone for my people who are lg fans and you want to use an lg phone for the next two years or something like that this is one of my phones that I highly recommend here 

LG velvet
LG Velvet 5G 

So let's go ahead and talk about it and um the hardware on here is beautiful i think it's lg's best looking phone that they've ever released one of my favorite things about it is this descending camera module absolutely beautiful and what's interesting about this design is that we're actually seeing this design and technically it's still a rumor on the galaxy s 22 ultra we're seeing a similar design of this very flat you know camera bag if you guys have seen that but it's not quite but it looks similar um but yeah so super slim foam beautiful color on here even though this mirror color picks up a ton of fingerprints it's kind of a pain a film on um you can get this in other different colors and it doesn't pick up fingerprints i like that but I love the way that this hits the light and you get that sort of like rainbow effect here uh just a beautiful phone overall also very tall phone as well so if i get like an s21 ultra here look the velvet is even taller than the s21 archer so it's a very big and tall phone uh guys so if you have small hands you might want to avoid this here volume rockers google play button on here as well not google play google assistant button also you do get a headphone jack on this phone and this phone also has stereo speakers USB type-c so that's beautiful hardware I think that's my favorite thing about this phone extremely tall phone so also the display on here is really great for the price point which we will talk about it's got slight curve display to it I don't get accidental touches I never get accidental touches it might be because I have a small hand or um you know I just I just hold the phone correctly so i don't get accidental touches um like some people might complain about with these curved screens but um yeah this is a beautiful display

it's a big tall 6.8 inch screen it's p OLED and it is a 1080p display here and it's just really beautiful pretty sharp at 395 for the PPI so icons and text and everything look great also when you're watching movies and you know those really um wide movies uh this screen does a great job of being able to watch content on like those white movies like that it's something that I noticed even when you crop in it doesn't like cut all the content off which i think is awesome so the display on here is absolutely beautiful so I just think the whole hardware package here is just a beautiful thing so number two would be the price of this device so you know I wasn't going to break this into a second reason but it really is one of the main reasons I picked this phone up for 200 bucks you guys know I preach refurbished phones get your phones used save your money this is a very budget conscious channel we're trying to save a dollar on this channel all the time um so 219 bucks like i said i picked this up for 400 bucks so remember this phone comes with the dual screen case as well you're not going to find any phone for 200 bucks that's going to give you that ultimate multitasking experience of having basically two phones in your hand so you got Instagram uh you got YouTube and one uh screen and then you have Instagram or the other screen now I’m not a super heavy multitasker like that but if you are this phone is going to be amazing again that dual screen case is going to be an around 100 bucks extra um so and again you don't need the dual screen case but if you are uh you know extreme multitasker man is that going to be an awesome experience for you also you can take advantage of certain games like asphalt is compatible I believe I’ve seen uh people playing pub g on the case as well so uh yeah it's just an awesome experience if you want to have that super heavy multitasking so the price it just beats a lot of budget phones and mid-range phones like the galaxy a52s you're just not going to get that that powerful experience even like the Redmi note 10 pro it is giving you like that really unique experience so definitely um you know the price on here is just awesome here 219 bucks and i would get mines from amazon because I usually have the best experience I’ll leave that link down below for you guys next would be the specs here so we do have the snapdragon 765 g uh on this phone adreno 620 we also get micro SD support on here 128 gigs of internal storage and six gigs of ram uh so the phone is fairly snappy for me I’ve never had an issue with like a speed 

on this phone it's been a pretty speedy experience on here and um yeah i just don't notice like lag and stuff like that on this phone it's very fast now again this is not going to be like one of those gaming phones where you're going to be like maxing everything out and stuff like that uh your gaming experience again is going to be good like I said with that dual screen case it does make it a unique experience but again playing pub call of duty mobile I was perfectly fine on this phone i did not have any issues at all but again remember this is a mid-range chip also this phone has 5g as well which is really nice too and again you

get the headphone jack on here as well as NFC um as well which is really nice and then you also get your in display fingerprint sensor on here just to show you guys what that looks like here boom the only thing about that is that you don't have a um you don't have um face unlock which kind of sucks the inner display fingerprints are it's not the fastest but I mean it works it's very accurate it's just not like it's one of those tap and holds now next would be image quality so this phone does have some pretty good cameras especially now at this 220 hour price point these are pretty exceptional cameras a triple

camera setup 48 megapixel standard an 8 megapixel ultra-wide with a 5 megapixel depth sensor you also get 4k video at 30 frames with a 16 megapixel selfie at 1080p the images come out really good I think the highlight with the photos is honestly the color accuracy so this phone does really great job with color accuracy just giving you very natural true-to-life shots on here which is something that i really enjoy um so i just really enjoy the color accuracy the image processing on here also you get very detailed shots on here which is really awesome as well so i really don't have any complaints again at this price point um yeah i had some complaints when it was 400 bucks comparing it to some other phones but now i mean the camera is just exceptional when i compare it to other phones that are around the 200 price point and even some you know now mid-rangers um i think this is just extremely competitive now so the cameras on the lg velvet are definitely still are really good alright so last would be battery life here so 4 300 milliamp battery on here with 25 watt charging I do like the charging speeds on here uh very nice it doesn't take a long time for this phone to charge wireless

charging at nine watts as well um battery life experience has been great again I am not in a 5g area I’ve never been able to use 5g actually so um again that it varies so I’m on 4g and it's fine all the phones i test on 4g by the way but um yeah so battery life on here has been excellent um if you're on 5g of course you might get you know not that good of a screen on time because 5g is going to take more battery but um i can say that this phone is easily you know an all-day phone for me i would easily say a little bit over six hours of screen on time around that seven hour screen on time mark uh so yeah I have no issues with um uh battery life on here so the velvet is just an awesome device here guys

I don't have any major complaints i mean for 200 bucks once you get the dual screen case it beats a lot of phones the screen is absolutely beautiful especially for watching movies and stuff like that um yeah so it's just an awesome experience so be sure to let me know what you guys think it's got a lot it's got really everything beautiful to design great hardware it's ip68 dusting water resistant as well i forgot to mention that um but yeah so just an awesome package be sure to let me know what you guys think I’ll catch you guys in the next one


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