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Which Should You Choose? Iphone 14 Pro vs Iphone 12 Pro

 Which Should You Choose? Iphone 14 Pro vs Iphone 12 Pro

the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 14 pro have quite a few differences but quite a few similarities as well I wanted to help you decide if maybe you should upgrade to an iPhone 12 Pro or upgrade from a 12 Pro to a 14 pro or any other phone so we'll compare them talk about what's different and what reasons you may want to consider upgrading now

1.       Price and Availability
2.       Colors
3.       Size and Weight
4.       Balancing
5.       Notch and Dynamic Island
6.       Displays
7.       Cameras
8.       Rear Cameras
9.       Specs and Performance
10.   Battery Life
11.   Cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth
12.   Speakers
13.   IP Rating
14.   Satellite Connectivity and Crash Detection
15.   Software 

Iphone 14 pro
Iphone 14 pro

  •  Price and Availability

the iPhone 12 Pro is not sold new by Apple anymore Apple doesn't sell it in their store they only sell it refurbished and it's around 800 however it's much less if you find it through carriers or used so it comes in 128 256 and 512 gigabyte models the 14 pro being that it's newer starts at 9.99 and goes up to 14.99 it's got 128 256 512 and a one terabyte option so if you need that extra storage the 14 pro is the way to go however I don't know anyone that really needs a terabyte in regular everyday use it's pretty rare that you come across those people now with the 12 Pro we had a new

  •  Colors

color we had Pacific Blue this is the silver color but we had a Pacific blue color as well as graphite with the 14 pro we get a new Deep Purple that I have here as well as space black now one of the major differences between both of these phones is the overall

  •  Size and Weight

weight in size so the weight between both of them is definitely significant as the 14 pro is not only thicker but it's also heavier overall thanks to that camera bump on the back the 12 Pro is 6.66 ounces or 189 grams or the 14 pro is 7.27 ounces or 206 grams so it's actually a little bit narrower with the 14 Pro than the 12 Pro but it's definitely heavier because of that camera bump there's a significant difference


  • Balancing

in the overall feel and in the hand the 12 Pro just feels a little bit nicer because it's lighter and easier to hold that way and balanced a little bit better also in the US there's no SIM tray on the 14 pro you can see we have the millimeter wave antenna and we also have a SIM card tray on the 12 Pro but no SIM card tray on the 14 pro in the US outside the US you'll have that though now of course one of the obvious differences right away is the display you can see we have


  •  Notch and Dynamic Island

the older larger notch on the iPhone 12 Pro as opposed to the new Dynamic Island on the 14 pro and with the dynamic Island comes some extra functionality and we're not going to cover too much of that as it's more of notifications and if we go in and maybe play a song Here let me just turn the volume down play a song swipe home it goes into the dynamic Island press and hold it opens up you've got your media player they've just moved things around and made it a little nicer to have notifications there if we close out of music go back home it goes away the dynamic Island shrinks some people really like this some don't but on both 

iphone 14 pro notich
Iphone 14 pro notich

  • Displays

phones we have a 6.1 inch display the 12 Pro is 2532 by 1170 pixels at 460 pixels per inch it goes up to 800 nits of normal brightness and 1200 nits in HDR where the 14 pro Max is a huge leap when it comes to the overall display it's 2556 by 1179 and again 460 pixels per inch but it has 120 hertz Pro motion so it's super smooth as you're scrolling it has an always-on display as I turn off the display you'll see it goes to the lock screen and it's always on and you can disable this of course but it something that's a feature and you may really like it also has a thousand nits in normal brightness so it's up 200 nits just in normal brightness 1600 nits in HDR and 2000 nits outside so outdoor it's double the brightness or more than double the brightness just being outside it's much easier to see the 14 pro if you're in a very bright environment but both of them have great viewing angles there's not really an issue there but there's definitely a difference in overall usability and sort of smoothness and brightness overall the 14 pro is a big



  • Cameras

leap there now both phones have great cameras however the 12 pro has the older camera that's a 12-megapixel F 2.2 They Carried that along for quite some time however the 14 Pro has been upgraded with a 12 megapixel F 1.9 that now has autofocus so it's much better with regular video and photos it also has the

  • Rear Cameras

photonic engine photographic Styles cinematic mode and proses video I'll show you that in a moment the rear cameras are also a huge upgrade with the14 pro and they ought to be with the giant camera bump you'll see it's much thicker as far as the camera bump is concerned the overall difference is just dramatic there with the size of the camera bump but that's to make room for all new sensors and lenses so on the 12 Pro we have a triple 12 megapixel camera setup with a main F 1.6 aperture and Ultra-wide F 2.4 and a telephoto F 2.0 it has a two times optical zoom with the 14 pro we have an all-new 48 megapixel main camera at F 1.78 an ultra-wide F 2.2 and a telephoto F 2.8 that goes to two times and three times optical zoom by punching into the sensor and still because there's so many megapixels it still retains the overall quality and is optical zoom we also have the same things I mentioned with the forward-facing camera such as the photonic engine and then we also have things such as photographic Styles if you want to use those where you can change the tonality of the photos overall we also have proses video so if we get out of this we go back into our video you'll see we have proses we have a new action mode to help with stabilization and we also have the option for macro mode as we get close you'll see it jumps to macro we back up it will come out of macro typically there we go back close again it jumps to macro and we can get really close to different objects both in photo and video on this phone we also have cinematic mode which we had with the 13 Pro but they've improved with 4K video so a lot of different things on the 14 pro compared to the 12 Pro now let's go ahead and take a look at what some of the photos and videos look like out of both of these so we can see which one looks best to you foreign 14 pro forward-facing camera that now has autofocus as you can see here so it should keep up as far as the overall

Focus compared to the iPhone 12 Pro also here's the iPhone 12 Pro microphone so now you can hear the microphone from the 12 Pro and it shouldn't be as good in theory but you may not notice a difference so let me know which one you think sounds best and looks best in the comments below we also have cinematic mode on the iPhone 14 pro and here's cinematic mode with the iPhone 14 pro the 12 Pro doesn't have it but we have up to 4K 30 on the 14 pro with cinematic mode this year and it just blurs the background but some of the fuzzing around where my hairline is isn't that great but it gives you an idea of what it can do and it's great that we have it


Iphone 12 pro max
Iphone 12 pro


  •  Specs and Performance

when it comes to the overall speed and regular use with both devices the 14 pro is two years ahead but isn't that big of a difference with regular use the 12 pro has an A14 bionic with six gigabytes of RAM and a 4 core GPU the 14 pro has an a16 bionic with six gigabytes of RAM still and a 5 Core CPU now there will be some differences if you're just running benchmarks and I can show you that here but that's not really indicative of regular use every day so you'll see on the 12 Pro I had 1579 for single core on the 14 pro 1887 multi-core 4023 on the 12 Pro and 5401 on the 14 Pro So based off those numbers you would think that there'd be a slight increase and with certain things there are if you're taking photos and it's calculating different things in the background trying to make the best photo happen with 48 megapixels well then, the 14 pro is definitely going to be better there and faster however in regular use if we just open up something like music, we go to the listen option here and scroll you'll see things are quite fast go to the library things are very similar with regular use if we go over and maybe load an app whether that be a game or regular app you're not going to see a gigantic difference you will see some difference but maybe not as big as you might think so if we hit play we'll hit create new click create new world and then we'll hit create and we'll give it just a moment and see how long it takes so we'll hit proceed on the 12 Pro give it just a moment here and I would expect it to take a little bit longer but not hugely longer you'll see it's almost done here there we go and we're in so there is going to be a difference but once you're playing the game smoothness and everything else shouldn't be too different unless you're in a very intense game whether that's maybe Call of Duty or something else that's maybe recently updated so as we scroll through you'll see how smooth it is on the 12 Pro and you can expect the same on the 14 pro really no difference there whatsoever with the overall usability on both devices you can see the smoothness overall as we're walking through so really no difference there even exporting video and things like that you're not going to see a huge difference with regular use if you need to quickly open the camera you'll see we're in and they're in at the same time snap a photo you'll see they're both quick we can go into the quote the photo go to edit and if we go to edit here we'll just have it automatically edit that you'll see they're both pretty much instant so regular adjustments changes with photos with video and more is just super-fast on both the Apple processors or their own silicon have been has been crazy fast for years and you will notice some differences with intense tasks but they both have the same amount of RAM and most people don't notice too big of a difference my wife originally upgraded from an iPhone 10 to this iPhone 12 Pro she noticed a huge difference then when she upgraded from the 12 Pro to the 14 pro I actually asked her about this and she said ah maybe I notice a difference she liked the screen better she liked the cameras better but other than that she didn't see much of a difference



  •  Battery Life

however, with battery life you will see a difference with the 12 Pro we have a 2815 milliamp hour battery that Apple

says is good for 17 hours of video playback 11 hours of video playback streamed and 65 hours of continuous

music the 14 pro has a larger 3200 milliamp hour battery 23 hours of video playback 20 hours streamed of video

playback and 75 hours of music playback so with regular everyday use I would expect you to get at least a few hours more on the 14 Pro with regular use that's typically what I see for most people with regular use on both devices

my wife after using this for two years if we go to battery health, you'll see it's at 90 percent after two

years just charging it every single night they both charge the same about 50 percent in 30 minutes and they both have mag safe so you'll see this hasn't been used in a while since the 14 Pro's been out a little while but with regular use you can expect definitely more time on the 14 pro just because it has a larger battery and a more efficient four nanometer processor so because of those two things combined you will get some extra battery life especially when streaming video so that will make a big difference when it comes to cellular


  • Cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and things like 5G well they both technically have 5G but the newer iPhone 14 pro has updated modems and seems to be a little bit better and faster in most of my tests most of the time though with regular phone calls I didn't notice a difference whether that's just taking

phone calls using internet checking speeds with things it was basically the same so as far as cellular connectivity 4G 5G Wi-Fi they both have Wi-Fi six there's not really a difference there we do have a slight difference in Bluetooth versions though but so far, we haven't seen any advantage on the 14 Pro from


  • Speakers

that now as far as the speakers are concerned there's something that I thought was a bit surprising this was my wife's iPhone 12 Pro and when I upgraded her to a 14 Pro, she actually immediately said the speakers don't sound as good so they do have a slightly different sound so I wanted you to hear that as well you can see they're in different locations the dynamic island has it above it and in the very top notch of the display where on the 12 Pro it's within the

notch itself for the top speaker the bottom speakers are basically the exact same so let me go ahead and move my microphone so you can hear what they sound like



  •  IP Rating

the IP rating or water resistance is identical on both of them ip68 and also one thing that's new on the 14 pro but that has yet to be enabled at least at



Iphone 12 pro
Iphone 12 Pro

  •  Satellite Connectivity and Crash Detection

the time of this video is satellite connectivity where when you're in an SOS mode you don't have a SIM card or maybe you're outside of signal you'll be able to use satellites to connect and get some help if you need it so that's something that's coming later with an update maybe by the time you're watching this you also have an all new emergency SOS crash detection in the 14 series phones so if you were unfortunately in an accident it should detect that and ask you to call Emergency Services if you don't respond it will call give them your location and help send some people to help you out


  •  Software

and so between both of them though they both will run the latest software and both will be supported for years since the 12 Pro is only a couple years old you can expect years and years of support so depending on what version you're on you'll see here if we go back whether you're on a beta version you're on iOS 16 iOS 15.7 you'll see some glitches there for whatever reason 15.7.1 16.2 you'll have support for years and I would expect the iPhone 12 Pro to get updates for probably the next three to four years so I really wouldn't worry about that too much and then you'll get security updates after that just no new features so that's something we've been seeing for years at least five years of support we've got at least three years left maybe more with the 14 pro being as new as it is well you'll have at least five years from now at this point or four years depending on a big discount or even free


  • Which Should You Choose? 

when you purchase it now if you're trying to decide which one is best for you it comes down to a few factors price of course if you can get the 12 Pro for carrier deal or maybe used or as a pass down phone then definitely do that however if they were the same price, I would go for the 14 Pro again the same is true if you care about cameras go for the 14 pro they're a huge upgrade however if you don't care about that well then look at the displays the display definitely goes a lot brighter if you're Outdoors a lot the 14 pro is going to be easier to read or look at if you don't care about that again the 12 Pro is a great option so let me know which one would be best for you I think they're both pretty equal in many different ways you may not like the notch so you go with the dynamic island or you may not like the dynamic Island so you go with the notch either one is fine they both have similar features they both will get upgrades for years and both of them work great so let me

know which one you think is best in the comments below are you sticking with your 12 Pro upgrading to a 12 Pro or have you already upgraded to maybe a 14 pro I'd love to hear from you in the comments below of course if you'd like to get your hands on this wallpaper, I'll link it in the description like I normally do and if you haven't

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