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Apple IPad Pro 11-inch M2 (2022)


IPad Pro 11 inch  (2022)
IPad Pro 11 inch  (2022)

so I finally got the iPad Pro M2 and  here's what I really think now first of all let's get Captain Obvious out of the way the iPad Pro M2 series is not much different from the last couple of iPad Pros you know it's basically the same overall design so if you're looking for something that's totally groundbreakingly different besides adding Pro to the back of that logo you're not going to find much I mean the overall iPad is still that 11 inch design with the same overall bezels and everything like that so nothing has really changed on that front and so if you're looking for something that you know just feels different it's not here

so let's just get that out of the way first of all on the whole though I still really like this design it's super thin it's super light and I think it's a great you know portable computer to have around the household I mean iPad computer had have you and if you add the magic keyboard and apple pencil it can be quite versatile and what it can do for you it's also much lighter than the 12.9 M2 iPad so if you're looking for something that's super powerful and much smaller this is going to be the way to go now the next thing I think about this is that you know this is a great feel compared to something like the iPad 10th Generation reason being is has a laminated display which is quite nice it's lighter than that phone it doesn't feel quite as Hollow however you're going to pay several hundred dollars more than that 300 or so but you're going to get a much more premium feel and the display is much smoother so that's something I wanted to point out as well I do think the screen should have been brighter this iPad still only hits 600 it's a brightness which is nothing compared to the higher end iPad 12.9 which can hit 1000 nits so definitely this thing is should be brighter to be a pro device come on Apple let's up the brightness on this Pro iPad as it's not fair that the 12.9 users get a brighter display and they're technically supposed to both be Pro iPads so I want to see a brighter display on the next model

it just for me it's not cutting it no more on the 11 inch you keep giving us the same display year after year whereas you actually upgraded the 12.9 last year not happy with that but the overall display itself, I mean it's not like I'm unhappy with using it

it's still a sharp smooth panel I'm just saying for the money and for   the fact that we've had this several times it's just not super impressive   anymore it's just a good panel that   we're kind of used to with this 11-inch model now if you've never had the 11 inches

IPad Pro 11 inch  (2022)
IPad Pro 11 inch  (2022)

11an inch model you're coming from a cheaper iPad anytime you go to something   better it's going to feel much better but for iPad Pro users who are looking to upgrade   definitely not major in that front however I will say one thing I feel like this iPad is just super-fast and it is with the M2 CPU eight gigabytes of RAM collect at a higher speed than before combine that with the 120 hertz man this thing flies so I mean it's ridiculous how fast this is you know you can't really showcase it but you will feel it day to day this thing just absolutely screams through everything you do it's the fastest iPad   experience I've ever seen ever which is NOT saying a lot because iPads have been very fast for a long time but I mean this thing is computer laptop speed fast this thing is fast so definitely you'll enjoy that if you care about things like speed now the next thing I   want to say about this iPad Pro is on the rear you know it definitely lets you know it says iPad Pro I mean not that you're going to be looking at the rear that much but no funny business down here letting you know it's not just another iPad it's an iPad Pro so you definitely know right there kind of neat that they put that there is kind of like the   MacBook Pros and stuff like that where you can see stuff and definitely let you know when you're looking at the iPads in the store okay that one over there is the iPad this is the iPad Pro so do keep that in mind the next thing I want to talk about is the experience with the magic keyboard this magic keyboard has been around for some time already as well so again it's not going to be something that's overly impressing at any one you can go ahead and enable keyboard brightness right here in control center now which is quite nice so a test of the keyboard so overall it's got that nice feel just like you'll find on a MacBook but on the whole it's not really a major upgrade it's the same keyboard it still costs like 300 bucks so it's not cheap but it really brings the full experience of the iPad into something more of a laptop kind of feel now with the 11 inch you don't get the number row like you get on the 12.9 inch on the digital keyboard and that brings me on to just letting you know that when you combine this iPad with the magic keyboard experience it definitely goes over a thousand dollars so add an apple   pencil in there you're looking at MacBook air prices around 1100 but if the iPad is what you want you can definitely do a lot of things you can do on here you can't do on a MacBook like apple pencil art or if you want to be a  little bit more portable a little   lighter this is a lighter product than that as well in terms of this apple pencil it's still the second generation so it's the better pencil here if you get a paper like screen protector you could definitely get a little bit better writing it still kind of feels hard on a regular screen protector not sponsored  but I'm just saying if you want to get you have to get like a matte type screen protector if you want it to feel better but this apple pencil experience is pretty darn good like it does the job and if you want to do art you're going   to really like this however the canvas on the 11 inch 10.9 inch whatever it's not as big as the 12.9 inch so I would recommend if you do a lot of drawing you'll want the bigger version if you want to do drawing on the go on the move if you want to do our art stuff on the   Move you'll want to do it here you can also just use the apple pencil to navigate stuff and scribble as well on here to find applications and stuff like  that so it's not like it's limited just to drawing it does have its uses but at the end of the day I don't use it too much just for notes here and there but it's still a pretty great option if you want to get that apple pencil thing I want to say is I think this iPad is just kind of starting to feel a little boring not because it's a bad product It's actually an amazing product but it's kind of so good that it's just kind of feeling boring these days they keep making an iPad that feels like the last version of the same iPad so to me it just kind of feels like are we going to get anything different soon like with the iPad Pro it just feels like same old same old every year yeah we have a faster GPU but at the end of the day iPads have been performing well and it's not like having an older iPad was ruining your everyday experience because it was too slow it was never slow I've never had an iPad Pro that was slow so the speed is probably not going to be enough for everybody but if you haven't had one and you're picking one up now you're getting the fastest one available I do like how with these new iPads especially the Pro   Models they're allowing you to put these scaling options where you go down here and display and you can change their view to more space now what that does is it kind of scales the display out

so, you have more space to operate this thing in the magic keyboard allows you to have a bigger overall experience when you are using the browser and you're doing multitasking it just feels a lot more like a laptop with this scaling option

however if you want to go back to the regular iPad mode you'll go right there so the software is iPad OS 16.1.1 right now and it does bring that nice stage manager feature right here which can only be found in this size format for the iPad so if we go ahead or   the iPad Pro so if you go ahead you'll see right here we can bring in other applications like that and it can really improve multitasking if that's something that you care about quite a bit package manager definitely brings a lot more useful things for multitasking ability to go between these applications really improves it quite a bit but at the end of the day we still don't have mac like software on here so you're still going to be limited to using mobile applications even though you can put  them on the side it's still a very   productive device I feel like you just got to know how to use iPad OS in a way to make it productive but it can still be very useful at the end of the day

IPad Pro 11 inch  (2022)
IPad Pro 11 inch  (2022)

software was a definite nice upgrade this year but definitely you're going to see you get these new iPad wallpapers here they give you two new ones down here so you get this pinkish one right   here and then you get this purplish blue   one right there so those are kind of like the new things and of course there's much more we're not going to go over every single feature they did bring the weather application which is amazing we've been needing this forever now we're just waiting on getting the calculator app because I still have to download my own calculator Apple next up I think the battery life is quite good   you know it's still a 10 hour all day   battery life iPad it does the job   again it's not going to blow you away   it's going to you're going to expect long   battery life like you've had on other iPads and it's no different here but it's not really like blowing other ones away it does basically the same job so again not much change there I think for a camera experience though  you get a darn good experience for an iPad here let me go ahead and find the camera wherever it is  you get a really good camera experience on this iPad so if you're looking for a good camera for an iPad you can go Ultra-wide right there you can zoom in a little bit pretty solid video on the front you can actually go out like that wide angle so really good for conferences although the camera's still  up here   on the on the top part so not like the 10th gen where they put it over here this one still has it on the side which is a little bit weird like they brought a better feature to a cheaper iPad I don't really understand that so they can put it up here on the next Pro overall at the end of the day I don't want to like go on about every single little detail every single little feature you know what you're getting here you're getting a super smooth super-fast iPad with all the applications you want you get the apple pencil you don't get it you got to buy it you buy the apple pencil you buy the magic keyboard and   you have close to a full computer experience but you're still running the mobile iPad OS however iPad house is getting much more powerful and with the M2 on here this is a good investment in an iPad if you want to keep this thing super long time because the CPU is not  going to be slow for many years not that the other ones were but this one's   even more powerful so I mean like much more powerful so this is a true like five year iPad if you want to keep it that long so definitely you are paying a lot but you're getting longevity with this product however you're not getting a redesign you're not getting something  that's groundbreakingly different so if you're looking for something super   different it's not here so that's what I really think of it

it's kind of like the other products they've been launching this year more of the same but faster they improved a lot of the internals this year they didn't really groundbreaking they didn't really introduce something that's going to wow Us in the change of design so overall I definitely like it I think it's better than the 10th gen iPad   and I think it's a powerful portable machine but it's not something we haven't seen before that's my final take thumbs up if you enjoyed it

you haven't already let me know if you're picking up the iPad M2 or not are you picking up another iPad this year you're just bored with iPads let me know Down Below in the comments section

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